Ascension 2012    


No Science fiction but reality! The greatest adventure of the world is in store for us!

What are you going to do if the ascension is already taking place next week?

What is really happening?

Do you want to know how it all began?







A warm welcome to you, dear human being,

Dream or reality? What is reality? Do you already live your life or are you still lived? 

These are questions which occupy the minds today more than ever before. More and more people ask the question of the „why“. 

If you want to know what is behind all this, if you want to take charge of your life, to change it positively, the following information will perhaps be the most important in your life.


You are only afraid of something unknown,
but no one should be, actually. 


Have you ever asked why the number of natural disasters has increased more and more? It is very limited and not sufficient to only blame pollution for this. 


Since 2007 an alarmingly high extinction rate of bee colonies has been observed. At first in the USA (70 %) and now also in Germany. 

Albert Einstein:

„When the bee disappears,
man will only live for 4 more years.“

Check this! 


Have the bees hurried ahead? Where have they gone? 

More and more people ask what else will happen on our planet. From the great world events into the families. 

The indications are clear and they will become even clearer and clearer, from day to day.

Did you know that the ascension 2012 has already reached its last phase and that the first human beings have already ascended safe and sound?


So many things happen in our time, everywhere in the world so that many have lost track of things. More and more people talk about the imminent ascension 2012, not only those who are called the „detached“ ones.   


Is there really something like an ascension? 

If so, why do only very few people know about it? 


Ascension 2012 means at the same time freedom. And free people, free-thinkers are very inconvenient for those power-hungry ones who pull the strings. Ignorant people are more easily manipulated. 


When will it happen? 


It is already happening. Since  August 1987 we have been in the process of ascension. For the time being in the 3rd stage, the last one. Nobody is able to give a real point in time. Everything is happening very quickly now. 


What does ascension mean? 


Ascension 2012 means a completely different, new life. A life that you, too, can experience in your physical body when you are ready for it. 


Who ascends? 


Against all the predictions which have said that this would only be possible for specific groups of particular human beings: Everybody can ascend when he is ready for it and when he really wants it! 


Will the world perish? 


The world will change, but it will not perish. For some this change may feel like doom for the New Age is absolute. At the end of the day a dream will come true for mankind. 


What can I do to ascend as well? 


Embrace  your life and say YES. YES to happiness, YES to health, YES to abundance and prosperity, YES to the love in your heart. 




  Monika Runa Chaloun

Monika Runa Chaloun

Bioenergy Therapist, Master of Bioenergy, Earth Healer, Syron Frequency Healer, Author

You may ask if that is all?

But, do you do it? I mean do you really do it? Check for yourself how often you roam in the tracks of usualness. How much you are used to worry, to doubting yourself, how much you do as you are told to. Thus you do not embrace your life.

Ask yourself wholeheartedly:

  • Do I want to take charge of my life?   
  • Do I want to be one of the happiest people in the world?   
  • Do I want to be a positive example for many, many people?   
  • Do I want to do what I really enjoy?   
  • Do I want to realize my desires and dreams?   
  • Do I want to discover my true capabilities and to use them fruitfully for me, for our planet, for nature and for the human beings?   
  • Do I want to ascend, too?   
  • Do I want to embrace life?   


If you can  answer even one of these questions positively I recommend to you my 


Handbook for the ascension 


This book can open a portal within you to a new, happy life. 


I have devoted nearly my whole life to this subject. I have studied scientific discoveries, which by the way are increasing remarkably at the moment, have read a whole lot of predictions on this subject including the bible; information from wherever I could get hold of it. I have acquired ancient and secret knowledge and performed practical exercises. 


Until one day the first portal of many more to follow opened within me and I knew where I had to really look in order to find the truth. 


All true things are simple. 


One thing I know for sure: You may try to imagine everything away as often as you wish and look for excuses in the outside. At the end of the day what will happen is that which was predicted 2000 years ago. 


It is your decision as it is in the case of everything in life. You yourself determine your life whether you want to believe it or not. 


Thus it is your decision, too, whether you want to get information on what lies ahead of you and how you want to react to it. 


If you want to know what ascension 2012 really means, this handbook will give you the true answer. 


You will find the 1st key in the 

Handbook for the ascension “.   




.....reading this booklet a little infinity opened itself to me.....

Those books are rare which give food for thought.   
And reading this booklet a little infinity opened itself to me....
Precisely because it was short the rather longer continuation took place in my mind  :) 

Moreover there are really so many books on ascension. And this one is probably the best summing up to be recommended. 


In divine friendship 
Sergej    05.10.2008                                                            



You will not only learn: 

  • Why the ascension 2012 is actually happening.   
  • Why the time specifications are often not correct.   
  • What the ascension 2012 really means.  
  • How you can support Lady Gaia already now proactively for she needs your help.   
  • How it all began.     
  • What is really doomed.     
  • What a life on our new earth can look like.   

You will also receive: 

A "usable" wealth of knowledge which will prepare you for the coming ascension 2012. 


As all true things are simple I described as simply and as comrehensibly as I could, all the really important things concerning the ascension process and above all concerning your own ascension. 


In the „Handbook for the ascension“ you will find more than 57 pages consisting of not only answers to these questions but also exercises which can help you to perform more easily this transition of the eras which is really happening. 



  Cover Handbook



The energy balance amounts
to the high divine number:


$ 9,99  -  £ 9,99  -  € 9,99 



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What readers say:   





....Actually it is a spiritual work for the new age and a path into the 5th dimension....

Good morning, Runa!

Yesterday I perused your new booklet until my head buzzed. You have put the entire knowledge of the past months and years into a clear summary. It contains our whole course of instruction, this is really helpful for all those who come to us with questions. Actually it is a spiritual work for the new age and a path into the 5th dimension.
Booklet is humble. However, the expression is suitable as far as the number of pages is concerned and it is beneficial that nothing decorative and flowery is to be read and that only pure clarity is conveyed so that even children are able to understand it.

Most kind regards, 
Nora 01.19.2008   



June 8th, 2008

Thank you for the ebook, it is written wonderfully down-to-earth and arouses our curiosity for more.

Cordial regards,




..... Finally I found a book of 57 pages that so easily explains what is meant with ascension.I am enthralled .......

Dear Monika Runa,

when I dug around in Google what ascension means I found you and your ebook „handbook for the ascension process“. I ordered the book from you and could have cheered. An entirely new world is opening. Finally I found a book of 57 pages that so easily explains what is meant with ascension. I phoned some of my friends and  read some passages of your citations to them. They, too, cannot help ordering a copy of your book. You know, not all of us can afford to read big fat books in these times. However, that which is written on these 57 pages and put in a nutshell is simply fantastic. You really make me agog with expectation for the new time „Paradise Eden“.

Simply put: the most cordial thanks!

Kind regards,
Christa                                                                         June 18th, 2008  


The 'Handbook for the Ascension' is also available in German:



It provides super information on what is going on right now... 



Dear Monika! 


I have attentively read your handbook. It provides super information on what is going on right now without getting bogged down in the depths of details. Reading some passages I perceived an incredibly pleasant energy, however reading others I also perceived a very sad energy. Great book! 


With love and deep affection, 

Rüdiger from Uelzen 




... The download worked perfectly and within 15 minutes I held the pages in my hands. ... 

Good morning, dear Runa publishers, 


yesterday I ended up on this webside by chance. My attention was particularly caught because my name is Monika and one of my cats is called Runa!
The download worked perfectly and within 15 minutes I held the pages in my hands.
First of all I read about the animals and I could hardly believe that I have goblins at home, but that would explain a lot!

Warm regards and have a nice week,

Monika                                                            18.05.2009   



Hello, Monika Runa, 

thank you for this great instruction. Reading it tears of joy ecaped me at times and I still sense the excited shiver - like I did at Christmas, shortly before the giving out of the presents -. 



Andreas Freudenberg, 

Berlin, 17.06.2009



Because I am so sure that the „Handbook for the ascension“ will be 100 % beneficial for you, the following is garanteed to you when purchasing the book:  







If you cannot extract any advantage from my „handbook for the ascension “ and you believe that this handbook is not worth its price you can give it back within 365 days. Contacting my support you will get your money back without any ifs, ands or buts.
With this I trust in your honesty.




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 The crystals from the divine reality






The crystals from the divine reality are extremely helpful for anything concerning the ascension. Powerful, ancient symbols which can help you in your everyday life. Which support you in your development and which never loose their effect. You can download them here free of charge. 

Crystals from the divine reality 


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Thank you for reading through this website up to this point. What you will be doing now is your own decision.

I can only hand this great chance, the first key to a more fulfilled life, over to you when you are willing to accept and really take it. My greatest desire is that you can experience the turn of the eras as simply and as easily as possible.

I desire for your life that all your wishes that serve the highest good will be fulfilled. Thank you for being.

In love,




P.S. The Crystals from the Reality can also be found in the postscript to the „handbook for the ascension process“. 


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